What do we offer? 

Family background and individual approach to each child, which includes love, care and understanding for each need of every child separately. 

All-day English development in a fun and natural way

Next to the teacher, there is a carer who speaks perfect English and works with the children during the whole day.  Naturally communicates with them in the form of fun games.

Close cooperation with parents, parents are our clients and friends

We organize various interesting meetings / events for both parents and children, such as Santa's  Christmas activities, a carnival parade, halloween or summer parties.

Experienced and highly qualified team

Our entire team has a pedagogical education for preschool education and many years of experience from kindergartens.

Art, music, drama and educational activities

Our educational plan for the whole year is based on the experience and joy of children in learning new things that they enjoy.

Environmental education

We cultivate in children a positive attitude towards nature and animals, we include ecological programs. 

Education for movement 

We support all-round movement, which begins in the morning, then during the stay outside, or in the gym, which we use. 

Healthy diet

We provide healthy meals for children. The food is prepared from fresh ingredients, without artificial flavorings and an excess of salt. The menu includes all kinds of meat, fresh vegetables and fruits. We use fresh herbs, sea salt and other organic products for flavoring.

* For children who have food intolerance, we offer a variant of gluten-free, lactose-free, without soy and eggs. This variant is possible only with a medical recommendation.